Why I Wrote the Book

Losing one’s eyesight is a shock to a person’s entire being: body, mind, soul, and heart. I have lived twenty-eight years of my adult life with seriously impaired vision and for the last three years with no vision at all.

During that time, I have dealt with the physical, emotional, and mental changes that I am convinced a person who loses vision must make if they wish to lead a productive, independent, and satisfying lifestyle.

I do not claim that the way I adjusted from living as a fully sighted person to living as a totally blind person is the only way or that my way is even the best. Every person’s situation is unique. I do claim, however, that through training, practice, and the guidance provided by experienced persons and the National Federation of the Blind, I found it possible to lead a rewarding, satisfying, and productive life, notwithstanding blindness.

Out of Sight, Blind and Doing All Right is my own story about how I dealt with the change from being fully sighted to becoming totally blind. I hope my story and experiences will be of help to those who find themselves on the same road.

Image of the book Out of Sight - Blind and Doing All Right by Art Schrieber
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Out of Sight - Blind & Doing All Right by Art Schreiber