Are You Losing Your Sight

When I talk with a person who has recently lost their eyesight, I understand what they are feeling. I let them know there is nothing wrong with thoughts of anger or depression or with wondering, “What am I going to do?”

At some point, the new condition will have to be accepted, and a new understanding will have to develop. That new understanding will include the fact that things are going to be different in their life and that through training they will be able to do a substantial number of things they have always done but in a different way. These new ways of doing things are called alternative techniques.

Following a loss of eyesight, there still is a full life to live. A person has to commit to train and to seek assistance through mentors and training options, such as those offered by the National Federation of the Blind and by other government and private groups.

Although eye impairment is a major loss, so much of life remains.

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